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What is Kendo?

What is Kendo?

KENDO (剣道) translated literally as "The way of the sword" ("KEN": sword; "DO": spiritual path) is the traditional Japanese fencing, which until the Meiji restoration in 1863 was originally called “Kenjutsu” (translated as - saber combat technique) and changed its name to “Kendo”.

The purpose of the practice of Kendo is to train people, not only in the technical aspect of the discipline, but also mentally and spiritually.

The practice of Kendo is performed wearing a “BOGU”, the armor, that consists of “MEN”, the helmet, “KOTE” the gloves that cover the hands and forearms, “DO” ,the breastplate, and “TARE”, the groin area´s protector. It is also used a bamboo saber called Shinai and a wooden saber called Bokken.

The blows are legal on the previously mentioned areas and they are also named after them. Thus, the blow to the head is called “Men”, to the forearm “Kote”, to the chest “Do” and the thrust to the throat “Tsuki”.

Kendo Bogu

There are national and international competitions within the Kendo practice. The International Kendo Federation (FIK) organizes the World Kendo Championship every 3 years where the “Kenshi” (Kendo trainees) from all over the world attend.

Nationwide our Dojo also takes part in those organized by the Kendo Federation of the Argentine Republic.


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