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About the Dojo


Dai Shin Kai Dojo is a non profit Civil Association with the goal of teaching traditional Kendo and Iaido.

Our Dojo is affiliated with the International Kendo Federation (FIK) (only world wide Kendo and Iaido authority).

Our Association was founded in 1994 and its name literally means in Japanese "The association of the great heart", the choice of this name resides on the mental and spiritual attitude we expect from all the attending students. When we speak of "great heart" we particularly refer to the attitude toward learning and to the respect for their teacher and their peer students.

The purpose of the practice of Kendo and Iaido is to help the growth of the person's spirit, and because of this we aim to prepare people as respectful and helpful members of our society. In Kendo and Iaido it is said that one is what one does, therefore the learning process at the beginning is to perfect the technique in order to perfect the inner person and over the years, try to improve as a person so the technique can improve without boundaries.

Gustavo Angel Manini
5th Dan of KENDO - 5th Dan of IAIDO
Chief Instructor of Dai Shin Kai Dojo

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